September 13, 2011

Zang TOI exists in an rarefied world. Reserved only for those with humility, talent and vision. This evening at Lincoln Center Mr.TOI once again held his audience captive as he presented his vision of Africa. With look 1: a silk gazar linen goddess coat bordered with 24k gold leaf over a silk gazar linen strapless jumpsuit we were convinced we were about to witness a vision not yet realized during fashion week. The audience was taken on a trip across North Africa. His vision….. Pure perfection! Silks, loro piana cotton, cashmere and silk velvet dominated his palette. Mr. TOI is never one to neglect his male client. This was acutely executed with the presentation of “One Thousand Nights & One Night” a mens sapphire silk velvet imperial robe lined with silk , tuxedo shirt and bow tie. Did I mention perfection!  To end the show Mr. TOI had his personal friend Kirsti Alley close with a jewel encrusted imperial coat over a sapphire couture silk gazar strapless imperial gown. Sublime!

Errol Murray

Photos by: Thomas Barnes















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