Priyo OktavianoJAKARTA, Nov 15, 2009 / FW/ — The first of the three shows that Priyo Oktaviano will show during Jakarta Fashion Week, his segment of Indonesia-India Fashion Night catwalk show was about the Garden of Eden wherein he had to use bird-patterned Kantha sari silk as part of the cultural exploration program between Indonesia and India under the auspices of the Embassy of India.

Taking from the teachings of the Judeo-Christian religion, Priyo Oktaviano used chiffon and tulle as symbols of curiosity and free will, a gift from God that in the end caused them to eat the apple and their eventual fall to Earth.

The darker nuances, with Indian-style jodhpurs, ostrich fur and metal accessories represented the serpent that tempted Eve to eat the apple.

A graduate of Paris’ Esmod, Priyo trained under Leonard and Nicholas Ghesquire at Balenciaga before returning to Indonesia and launching his own label. Last September, he showed off-calendar in Paris under his SPOUS label.

Jakarta Fashion Week 2009