Miguel Antoinne Spring 2010NEW YORK, Nov 1, 2009 / FW/ — Inspired by both the calm and the turbulence that thunder and lightning represents, Miguel Antoinne pulled nonrepresentational visuals then transformed them into abstract prints for his Spring 2010 menswear collection.

Yet, the prints were actually just highlights, the big story being the solids – black, gray, beige and white – dominating the collection.

Blazers with inset lapels, cropped trousers designed to be adjusted to your desired length (shorter or longer) without losing the integrity of the style. Pebble washed cotton tanks with an asymmetrical design, and many new introductory design elements in shorts, and woven shirts.

Tailoring is smart, yet there is also a balance between sharp clean lines and draping.

Bold prints were infused into the collection and added a layer of texture and volume which was directly inspired by the contrasting light and dark tones found in thunder and lightning.