Tuleh Spring 2010DALLAS, Nov 2, 2009 / FW/ — Last September, when Bryan Bradley unveiled the Tuleh Spring 2010 collection, his finale is a set of 7 bridal gowns that are so distinctive and memorable, that they look more like a capsule collection within the collection.

We have heard of modern brides, perhaps even attended garden weddings or beach weddings. Still, in all the “modernity” when brides say “I do” the gowns are still within the “traditional” vision of what brides wear.

And that is what Tuleh begged to differ. To Bryan Bradley, the bride can be whatever and whoever she wants to be on her wedding day and she would dress accordingly.

From the Victorian-inspired separate of floor length A-line skirt with big pockets and a zipped ruche “jacket” with wide collar and puffed long sleeves to the bustier / shorts ensemble which is perfect for a beach wedding, Tuleh revolutionized the way brides should dress on that special day.

Beautiful and remarkable, these wedding gowns or shorts or trousers, whichever the brides choose give the wives-to-be a true choice on what they really want to wear.