Jodi Melnick
Jodi Melnick

NEW YORK, Nov 18, 2009 / FW/ — “If you build it, they will come…” When Sebastien Agneessens and Kyle Fischer collaborated with Sportmax for a sound installation it was to highlight the value of ethno-diversity in a modern world defined by rapid globalization.

It was a tiny drop in a big pond to incorporate art, fashion and sound, but ripples were created and in the second performance at Sportmax, famed dancer Jodi Melnick performed in a natural space with the speakers created by Sebastien Agneessens and Kyle Fisher still present.

Melnick, whose choreography has been shown in New York, Japan, Ireland, Estonia, and Russia, wore a Sportmax dress from the Fall 2009 /Winter 2010 collection because it allows for complete movement.

In the very intimate setting of the Sportmax boutique, Jodi Melnick interpreted re:MMIX in a dance; in a very high-concept creation wherein even the smallest movement or adjustment can mean a lot. It can be hard to follow, especially if you don’t speak the language of the dance.

Yet, it was also rewarding to watch; and though this is not a good example or metaphor, it was like my first trip to Hawaii and I watched the beautiful wahines dance the hula for the first time. The message was in their hands, but it was hard to peel off my eyes from their grass skirts and graceful movement.

Jodi Melnick must have said a lot with her finely wrought choreography; but my unfamiliarity with her art caused me to miss a large part of her message. I’m a fashion journalist and what I saw was what she was wearing.

Photos by Fran Roberts