churchs_shanghai_stringataMILAN, Dec 16, 2009 / FW/ — Originally introduced in 1929, Church’s “Shanghai” style personifies the modernity and timeless elegance of the Church’s brand even during that time when the label was just 56 years old.

A historic English luxury footwear brand that was founded in Northampton in 1873, Church’s owes its success not only to the excellence and quality of its materials and workmanship, but also, and above all, to its innovation.

This is the case with the 1929 “Shanghai” model, which was destined for the English colonies and characterised by certain extremely refined stylistic devices and innovations and by the skilled balancing of the juxtaposed colours.

The workmanship and the design of the leather, the tip and heal are typical of a formal shoe, but their juxtaposition with natural hues softens the impact. The model is refined and elegant, but at the same time relaxed and sporty.

A fundamental characteristic of the “Shanghai” style is the detailing of the rubber sole with the name of the brand – CHURCH CO – artfully designed on the sole. This detail is found periodically throughout the history of the Church’s collections, and even in the brand’s contemporary models.

church_shanghaiThe model was revolutionary when it was first launched, but are immediately part of a tradition and history that renews itself by looking to the future.

The 1929 “Shanghai” model has been re-issued for Church’s Autumn Winter 2009-2010 collection and is now available in retail stores from the middle of December onwards.