malini_murjaniS1001NEW YORK, Dec 18, 2009 / FW/ — Ask any woman and she will tell you that there is a bond between her and her bag. Literally a moving depository of everything personal about her, from make-up to mobile phone, a handbag is not just an accessory; it is an extension of her personality.

Thus, to Malini Murjani, everything she designs her personal and a brilliant reflection of her multicultural upbringing. Indian by birth, but global by design, Malini Murjani has lived in Europe and America throughout the various stages of her young life.

“Creativity is always at its zenith when it comes from a deeply personal place,” says Malini, who currently calls New York City as her home, wherein she also draws inspiration from.

Launched in September of 2000, the Malini Murjani collection is a constant osmosis from one culture to another, both literally and figuratively. The timeless handbags, some of which bespoke, undergo a hand crafted process that takes them across the globe from – designed in New York, executed in Italy, then back to New York.

For each Marilini Murjani bag, no detail is seen as too small as each is given the utmost attention and is treated with the same delicacy as with a rare piece of art.

The Malini Murjani Spring 2010 collection will be available at INTERMIX in mid-January 2010.