David_Tlale_AW_2010_collageJOHANNESBURG, Jan 19, 2010 / — For his upcoming Autumn/Winter 2010 collection titled “Fantastical Structures”, David Tlale reveals iconoclastic designs inspired by decadent architecture, which will be presented at Audi Joburg Fashion Week on January 22.

Glacéau Vitaminwater presents the DAVID TLALE A/W 2010 collection, which traces the most significant architecture from our futuristic decade, capturing a lavishly illustrated collection radically revisiting our understanding of form and structure in fashion, industrial design, and architecture.

This collection traces fashion’s trajectory from its structural origins to its present-day connotations of affluence and elegance. In doing so, architecture and structure are established as new critical elements for design that embraces richly decorative patterns, complex layering, sumptuous materials, and sculptural forms.

David Tlale explains, “The relationship between fashion and architecture is not a particularly oblique one. Both are based on structure, shape and pretty basic necessities – clothes and shelter; therefore, exploring the existing correlation between the two basics and translating them into contemporary fashion was only a natural progression for us.”

Leather, polyester, silk chiffon, silk satin, duchess satin and PVC form the foundation for the collection creating the texture through a mixture of soft and rigid fabrics. The use of these fabrics and structure set the tone for a swashbuckling feminine form and power; offering supreme style for a glamorous life that only a David Tlale creation can portray.

Use of leather and PVC harden the design elements of the collection, adding a constructed feel to the garments. Built into the design elements of the collection is the intricate and involved use of zip finishes to build the structure of a garment.

Drawing inspiration from the iconoclastic structural designs of the contemporary buildings in Dubai, such as the pinnacle white building with sharp angles and composed lines, this collection is adorned with a metallic palate of bronze, gold, copper, onyx, browns and a fringe of red, bringing attention to the detailed constructional elements found in this A/W collection.