Frederick Bousquet wearing Kenzo underwear
Frederick Bousquet wearing Kenzo underwear

PARIS, Jan 20, 2010 / FW/ — In a very bold move by Antonio Marras, creative director of KENZO, the famed Japanese label is launching a new model of men’s underwear equipped with a small visible pocket on the exterior to carry one’s condom.

And though this may raise some eyebrows from the U.S. Bible belt and of course the predominantly Catholic France and Marras’ native Italy, Kenzo’s message is clear – condom usage is the only way to protect ourselves and those we love from the HIV virus.

In joining the fight against HIV/AIDS, KENZO invited French swimmer Frédérick Bousquet (Olympic silver medalist in Beijing and world record holder in 2009 for the 50m freestyle) to take part in this initiative that ultimately benefits SIDACTION, a non-profit organization that since 1994 have extended a helping hand to those affected by this disease as well as support for a search for a cure.

In order to make the wider public aware of the importance of continuing the fight against AIDS, Frédérick also accepted to shoot the cover story of the February edition of Têtu magazine (available from January 20th) wearing underwear created specially by KENZO for the occasion.

As part of this campaign, five condom packages in five different prints from the men’s KENZO Défilé collection have been specially created by DUREX for the project as well.

On each of the packages one of the five letters that make up the word KENZO create a collectable aspect and also remind us that protected sex can still be fun.

Frédérick Bousquet (who will be without a doubt one of the leading lights of the French national swim team at the London 2012 Olympics) and Antonio Marras, hope the media attention linked to Frédérick’s participation in this project will help to reinforce and increase support for SIDACTION.

Available from the end of January in KENZO stores the sale of this underwear will help to finance the work led by SIDACTION.

Retail Price: €20

Photos courtesy of Kenzo