MILAN, Jan 19, 2010 / FW/ — For those who still remember Zoolander, then you should also recall that the name of the collection that Derek Zoolander was modeling was “Derelict”, fashion for the homeless, for those who missed this comedic movie about the fashion world.


Last Sunday, Vivienne Westwood gave her version of homeless chic sending models that were wearing several layers of clothes that were intentionally mismatched.

Derek Zoolander could have learned a thing or two from the male models who “staggered” on the “cardboard” catwalk, hence it did not really matter to Zoolander if he can turn left or not!

Yet, as always, amidst this seeming hodgepodge of clothes, Vivienne Westwood actually shows wearable clothes; you just have to look a little closer to see them.