neyo01NEW YORK, Feb 4, 2010 / FW/ — Last Tuesday, pop and R&B singer Ne-Yo hosted a listening party for his new song “Heroes” which he wrote in support of “Respect! Campaign” to promote awareness against domestic violence.

Ne-Yo, who is the current spokesperson for Alfani Red was approached by Alfani to write and record a song in tribute to healthy relationships to raise awareness for the RESPECT! Campaign. He was eager to be a part of bringing national attention to this issue.

At the event held NYC club SL with a strong crowd of music and fashion media, Ne-Yo admitted that he came from an abusive household and made a statement to guests before launching the song. He shared his thoughts on last year’s highly-publicized dispute between Rihanna and Chris Brown.

“It’s unfortunate it took an incident like that between Chris Brown and Rihanna to occur for this issue to get awareness,” said the star. “‘Heroes’ is not the traditional song about domestic violence,” Ne-Yo added.

“I wanted to take a different approach. I feel like in a respecting and loving relationship, you should be a hero to your husband, to your wife, to your boyfriend, to your girlfriend… The song is about giving respect to those heroes in your life.” The crowd listened intently to the song and broke into applause at the end.

Heroes will be available for download on February 2nd (through March 31, 2010) exclusively on .

For each download, Alfani will donate $1 to the RESPECT! Campaign, up to $50,000.