NEW YORK, Feb 20, 2010 / FW/ — Teheran-born Pierre Garroudi studied in Paris, and then in 1986, he moved to New York where he enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

After graduation, he honed his skills by working at various retail and design houses before launching his label in 1993 beginning at first as a made-to-measure designer catering to an elite clientele.

His designs have turned out to be witty and provocative, and very creative, thus he branched out to ready-to-wear. About five seasons ago he started to use one new color per season, i.e., from head to toe, there is only one color and the whole collection is just done in that particular color.

An extremely challenging proposition, Pierre Garroudi pushes the boundaries of fashion with his manipulation and fabrication of the material.

For Spring 2010, he used white as the color.