ter_et_bantineF1042MILAN, Feb 28, 2010 / FW/ — Manuela Arcari’s new collection is inspired by cold weather. It brings to life a wardrobe made of cloth and turns top and bottom upside down: rigorous designs and orderly silhouettes achieve extreme definition thanks to thick fabrics.

Leather and felt carved accessories, belts, collars and hoods decorate avant-garde models. The color palette includes only camel, gray, black and a warm brown. All this is dedicated to a woman enthusiastic about reality and capable of bringing together classic elegance with a new seasonal way of dressing.

As called for by contemporary style, Ter et Bantine recurring themes reveal the typical quality of patchwork. Long skirts with slits or graceful frills recall the ‘70s while high gaiters call to mind the ‘60s.

Most noticeable are heavy coats, trousers and military-inspired capes as well as intuitive, leading ensembles with an ethnic flair, yet not ordinary. A manly glamour touch is found in silver laminated suits with gold, silver and shiny black mimetic sequins.

Precious fabrics like velvet, stretch leather and silk padding are found in everyday wear such as skirts, jackets and trenches. All this reveals a folk flair that together with the brand’s minimalistic tradition has achieved a balanced timeless elegance.

Milano Moda Donna Fall 2010