breakdanceCOPENHAGEN, Mar 22, 2010 / — A style of dance that evolved as part of the hip-hop culture among African American and Latino American youths in New York City, B-boying or breaking is commonly referred to as breakdancing,

Though it started in Gotham, b-boys and b-girls, (preferred name of practitioners of the art form) can now be found all over the world and a whole lot of them are in Copenhagen with the group big enough to hold Floor Wars, an international breakdance event.

Floor Wars is based around a 3 vs 3 breakdance / bboying battle. The battle is arranged by the “Great 8”-principle: Eight crews from all over the world are invited as the Great 8 crews who will be challenged by eight crews that will be selected in a qualification prior to the main battle.

Thus, any crew has the opportunity to enter the competition. Floor Wars is arranged by Breakpoint, a hip-hop community formed to practice and develop the dance forms of hip-hop: Breaking, Electric Boogie and Locking.