jeroen_van_tuyl_MF1013PARIS, Mar 18, 2010 / FW/ — For Fall 2010, Jeroen Van Tuyl worked from the core, and from this base, he reinterpreted the archetypes of menswear. Combining it with a nostalgic approach to details of the garment, a new aesthetic was born – the crossover of daywear and evening wear.

The boundaries of when to wear which garment have faded: items can be worn on occasions both day and night.

The collection A/W 10/11 is based on the art of construction and the advantages of new materials. Newfound fabrics; earthy, natural materials make the feel of this collection different from the preceding. Stratification/layering is a recurring theme, which gives a new dimension to the collection. The darts, constructed with a high level of craftsmanship, define the outline and shape of the garments. The image has softened altogether, but the fabrics have become rawer and rougher.

This collection is made for the man who appreciates a good cut, who has an eye for detail and knows real craftsmanship when he sees it. He likes the touch of the rougher material, but understands the softer silhouette of it all. This cosmopolitan man goes back to his roots with these robust fabrics.

Rain coats, college coats, trench coats, summer paletot, blousons, single button jackets, two buttons jackets, tuxedo jacket, waistcoat, casual pants, chino pants, dress pants, longsleeve t-shirts, polo long sleeve, knitted cardigans, knitted pullovers, shawls, shirts longs sleeve.

Proposed in off- white, white, black, dark grey, grey dark brown, beige, light brown and bordeaux, the wool cashmere blends, cotton cashmere blends, wool cotton blends, wool ramie blends, virgin wool, cotton and wax cotton, herringbone, pied de poule, canvas, coated wool, coated cotton, wool shirting, flannel shirting, piquet wool cotton blend, mother of pearl buttons blurred the boundaries between daywear and eveningwear.

Paris Menswear Fall 2010