martin_grant_bijouxF1001DALLAS, Mar 25, 2010 / FW/ — Now on its third season, the Martin Grant Bijoux continues to fascinate the fashion set with its unique vision of how jewelry should look like and how it should be worn.

For a long time, we have always associated big jewelry with rappers and called them bling. Martin Grant with his elegant take in “big” jewelry made it elegant and aspirational to the refined ladies of the 21st century.

Made of micro mesh metal, usually silver and gold, Martin Grant Bijoux Fall 2010 takes inspiration from the Middle Ages, bringing forth the romance always associated with knights as their armor.

Translating the besagues, rerebrace and bascinet among others into necklaces and bracelets, the medieval touch instead of making it old actually made it futuristic!

Perhaps we can thank today’s video games like Assassin’s Creed or Prince of Persia, which has a penchant for using elements of medieval history in their story line.

Maybe, it is because the knights have always been romantic to most of us; that’s why their stories continue to fascinate us. And corollary to that, anything that is reminiscent of the knights always capture our attention.

And Martin Grant, with his futuristic take on medieval designs definitely caught the fashionistas imagination.

Photos courtesy of Martin Grant