NEW YORK, Apr 26, 2010 / — With comfort and protection in mind, PERIOD UNDIES, worn in addition to your regular feminine care products, provides confident style in new intimate apparel with a comfortable extra layer of protection for women at the height of their menstrual cycle.

Period Undies is an indispensible part of the wardrobe of women, from approximately 12 – 40 years of age, to prevent the common and embarrassing problem of leakage that can still occur at the worst possible moments.

Cut in sleek shapes for exceptional fit in classic tones of nude, pink, blue, black, and white with lace trimming, Period Undies are manufactured in high quality cotton with Lycra blend for memory retention.

A key feature is an ultra slim, waterproof, breathable, poly coated fabric liner that’s soft and comfortable against the skin. Each garment has been processed and tested extensively for durability and can effortlessly withstand rigorous, multiple machine washings and stretching.

Since its inception, Period Undies has proven invaluable not only to teens who are showing their first signs of maturity but to women across child-bearing years who go through their monthly cycles with the confidence and assurance it provides.

Designed by Grace SooHoo, these undergarments are among the first of what is expected to be an entire collection that will eventually include more colors and styles. Today, Period Undies is available from $14 at retail in boutiques nationwide as well as on the website

Having undergone a personal tragedy, Grace is dedicating a portion of all sales to Tyler’s Magical Rainbow Foundation in support of pediatric brain tumor research.