MADRID, Apr 3, 2010 / — Teresa Helbig began her career in the fashion world through window dressing. Her creativity, good taste and passion for this world led her to create and design her first collections over 10 years ago.

Teresa leaves her hallmark on all her creations. Passion, creativity, innovation and exquisiteness convert all her pieces into true designer works, far removed from run-of-the-mill garments and mass-produced outfits.

Dresses that maintain her strength, design and style through the passing of the seasons emphasize the beauty of the craftsmanship and tradition involved in their creation.

At her Barcelona atelier, Teresa creates and manufactures all her garments. Unique dresses which highlight the craftsmanship and tradition of the couture, combined with present-day style and design. She meticulously follows the whole creation process through to the last detail. She likes experimenting with the very best fabrics, combining silks, tulles, precious stones and crochet.

In 2009, she won the Best New Designer Award from Marie Claire and 2009 Best Professional at the Barcelona is Fashion Award.

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