MADRID, Apr 10, 2010 / — In this collection, fabric-caressing volumes and shapes make up this latest concept for women. Inspiration appears on a body where creativity and creation go hand-in-hand coming together in a way that is sometimes seductive and, at others that gives rise to volumes and designs whose conceptual message is exciting.

Three-dimensional effects play a predominant role through combinations of structures and fantasies that contrast greatly with each other; dots mixed with squares, velvets with paillette and washed silks, cheesecloth gauzes, satin and thick fabrics such as bouclé. Drapées also take part in this volumetric series in an ongoing way.

Tulle-based creations follow work processes at the haute couture level, with pleating techniques, balloon shapes and velvet ribbon adornments that are hand sewn and finished off with silk twist.

A comprehensive overlay of fabrics and textures turn this collection into a study of volume through the search for the connection of fabrics that are sometimes considerably different.

Colours range from neutral calm colours, such as vanilla, nude and lead grey as the sophisticated colour base, to contrasting brighter colours, such as raspberry, which afford a bold brushstroke to this range.

In VICTORIO&LUCCHINO’s man, elegant tailoring has already ratified its position as a classic within our collections, where impeccable pattern design joins forces with top-quality wool fabrics, giving rise to perfect silhouettes. Some fantasy touches add sophistication to the classical.

Sportswear seeks in fabrics such as cotton duck, cotton and knit the materials for its creation with modernizing touches.

Colours are shown in a palette of neutral shades, beige, blue, black and brown, with touches of colour, above all in shirts, which produce optical effects in their square and stripe fantasies, although plain designs play a predominant role.

Photos courtesy of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week Fall 2010