MILAN, May 21, 2010 / FW/ — A native of Bangkok, Thailand, Premrudee Leehacharoenkul is one of the 15 pioneers of “What’s More Alive Than You” (WMATY), an innovative concept of fashion that wants not only to create simple and ephemeral objects linked to fashion trends but objects to wear that tell a story.

Submitting her artwork on May 18 to July 31, 2009 during the first creative call of WMATY, Premrudee Leehacharoenkul proposed “Sushi Cover” as a shoe design, adding a new anatomical shape to footwear.

The profile of the shoe has no heel, but a slight rise in thermoplastic material, which acts as a shock absorbing soft and provides a comfortable walk, accompanied by the elegance of the form.

Inspired by sushi, for the exterior a really soft and very thin skin of a kangaroo has been chosen, but characterized by high resistance to abrasion, the same one, with other thicknesses, used for motorcycle clothing.

In the inner part a race skin has been added to the lining of goat skin. The special texture of this leather has some very smooth spherical bulges which, in contact with the foot, bring a light massage effect.

The construction of the upper is performed manually for what concerns the tip of the shoe, which has a clear acetate insert that creates the opening and ensures an optimal fit. The sole is made of a whole piece of natural and glossy leather shaped.

The silhouette of the shoe emphasizes the Premrudee’s design and makes this artwork a real sculpture.

Premrudee Leehacharoenkul is currently based in Milan working on her thesis for a shoe project. In her opinion, shoes are pieces of art – they are not only functional, but also inspiring.

Her design is focused on creativity, experimentation and innovation. She is fond of mixing different materials. She mixes and matches different kinds of materials and explores her ideas for shoes and bags.