DALLAS, Apr 9, 2012/ — Earth Day is on Sunday, April 22nd. And while most of the world takes one day out of 365 to remember we should take care of our planet, Pure Handknit has been honoring Mother Earth everyday since 1998.

Designed in Canada by Shannon Passero and hand-made in Chiang Mai, Thailand, each piece in this knitwear collection is handcrafted of 100% cotton by 4,500 women knitters in Thailand, thereby affording them opportunities to better their way of life while doing what they love.

Dedicated to revolutionize sustainable practices, since 2011, Pure Handknit’s dye house which was opened in 2011 is 100% pollution-free.

Here are some of Pure Handknit’s practices that promote eco-consciousness:

Utilities: By using extra layers of insulation, Pure reduces the energy needed to keep their crew warm in Canada and cool in Thailand. Their newest facility incorporates the latest in energy efficient technology, such as, T5 fluorescent lights and motion detectors.

Recycling: In all their offices and factories around the world, Pure recycles all paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metal.

Environment: In Thailand, dozens of trees have been planted for shade and green spaces have been created for staff to enjoy the environment.

Additionally, the company is also working to reduce their carbon emissions through shipping products by sea instead of air.


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