PARIS, May 17, 2010 / — Last March, a web destination was born – by Thierry Mugler.

Inspired by the idea of feminine identity, the interactive and participatory site, is a natural expression of the brand’s universality and its capacity to bring people together, be it through the launch of Angel or simply through the natural complicity that links all women.

In launching the Womanity concept, Thierry Mugler expresses the contemporary idea of life in network, of a new form of humanity in action and interaction, of women in all their rich diversity and variety, and of women’s energy and the creative force within them.

And from that concept, the Womanity fragrance was born. “Womanity is a perfume conceived as a link, a positive energy flowing through all types of femininity,” said Thierry Mugler.

In the continued exploration of Womanity, Thierry Mugler has chosen to express his uncommon creativity through a fragrance – one of his most celebrated areas of expertise.

Following the launch of, Thierry Mugler produced an auteur film, Is She You, for Womanity, which will be released on on May 8. Now, Thierry Mugler offers a new expression of Womanity to the site’s users and to all women: Womanity the fragrance.

Womanity: a finely hewn fragrance, whose facets reflect the infinite expressions of womankind
Womanity represents a challenge and a technological breakthrough:

A “Woman & Beauty” fragrance line will accompany the perfume launch. Four products, each enriched with natural fig extracts to pamper the skin, will offer sensuous, fruity freshness.

The perfume will be released in a sneak preview through in mid-June, and will be available worldwide through authorized retail outlets later in the summer.