PARIS, Aug 31, 2010 / FW/ — If something is that good, it is worth a comeback! Look at “Avatar”, which is taking a second turn in theaters. And now, it’s Y-3 Hayworth High shoes’ time.

Originally produced in 2006, the Y-3 Hayworth High is an interpretation of a classic work boot. Iconic and classic, the Y-3 Hayworth High shoe has not been produced for a number of years and for Fall 2010 / Winter 2011, it is making a spectacular comeback.

In this incarnation, the Hayworths will come in two key colours; black with a purple accent and a sophisticated shade of brown. Both use high quality materials with hardwearing boot leather providing comfort as well as water resistance to conquer the winter season in style.

This contemporary unisex lace-up work boot perfectly epitomizes the sporty edge and elegance of Y-3. The Y-3 Hayworth High is available in global Y-3 stores from July 2010.

Hayworth High Black:
Retail Price € 290 / £ 245

Hayworth High Brown:
Retail Price € 280 / £ 235

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