Dates: September 17 – 22, 2010

MADRID, Oct 22, 2010 / — Celebrating its 52nd edition last September, Cibeles Madrid Fashion week showcased the best of Spanish fashion.

In a creative, vanguard environment which lasted for six days, this exceptional promotional platform, organised by IFEMA, offered a comprehensive insight into Spanish fashion, through the proposals shown on the runway by about 50 designers.

Ten of them are young EL EGO creators and the rest, acclaimed names in this field. They are joined by around 30 new design talents, who exhibited their collections with direct sales to the public in the EL EGO Showroom for the six days that this event was being held.

With all of the above, CIBELES MADRID FASHION WEEK proposed an interesting review of Spanish fashion and its creative heterogeneousness where, as usual, there was no shortage of new features, including the incorporations of the designers Elisa Palomino and Martín Lamothe, as well as the earlier rescheduling to the second day of the programme of the double fashion shows, which were previously held on the last day.

In this edition of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week, EL EGO, which is staging its 10th edition is the the platform for the promotion of budding new design talents, isstaging its tenth edition or, what is one in the same thing, the first five years of its track record.

The aim of the creation of EL EGO in February 2006, driven by IFEMA, was to headline new designers who understood fashion as a manner of expression, as an artistic discipline which forms part of the culture of their time, with the end rationale of reaching the street, being accepted by society and continuing to discover new styles and innovative trends.

To sum up, it was created as a space where alternative proposals emerging from young designers, who up until then did not have their own space in any other fashion platform, could be gathered together and displayed. Its first editions were held at Alcalá, 31 and, from September 2008 onwards, it was moved to Feria de Madrid, to the same setting and on the same dates as CIBELES MADRID FASHION WEEK.

Runway Shows