MADRID, Oct 22, 2010 / — Unveiled on Sep 17, 2010 during Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week, Maya Hansen entitled her collection Lace Wings: Delicate Birds.

With Pink flamingos, Pelicans, Storks, Swans, Doves, Ganders, Wild ducks, Cranes, Blue herons, Cuckoos, Geese, Peacocks and Kingfishers as inspirations, Maya Hansen thought of wings, air, movement, wild flowers, lakes, freshness and peace as the starting point of her collection

Pale pink, white, beige, ecru, coral, flesh, nude, aquamarine, sky blue, colours graduating to black; different colour combinations and shades of the same colour in a single garment.

Very soft colouring with different tints and textures, transparencies, multilayered garments, applications, extremely springlike, pure, fresh and delicate hues.

Pleated, puffed organza. Cotton tulle. Synthetic tulle. Natural bird feathers (goose, pheasant, marabou), cotton lace, tatting, blond lace, etc. For the corset base, taffetas, bridal satins, satins and serges for interiors and linings. All the corsets have metallic stays, gros-grain waist-reducing belts and couture finishes.

As the protagonist the corset, as the basis for all our collections, but this time mixed with the delicacy of bird feathers, the smoothest organzas, the softest tulles… couture type finishes.

A combination of structures such as corsets and delicate garments such as forreaus, boleros, short capes in delicate fabrics such as organza, tulles in different finishes ranging from the hardest and most voluminous to the softest and smoothest.

Photos courtesy of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

Madrid Fashion Week Spring 2011