PARIS, Oct 9, 2010 / FW/ — For Spring 2011, Vivienne Westwood found a muse in femininity and thus presented on the runway how different cultures perceive this quality.

In every culture, the women’s costume is unique; in every era, women’s clothing defines the moment. And this, the British designer chose which were most interesting and most significant in her eyes.

From the Japanese kimono to the European corset, as well as the much discussed and much maligned burka, Vivienne Westwood as expected made a political statement on the runway.

As always though, it was still a fashion show. Hence, there are the tightly laced belt and bright life-affirming colors that will appeal to consumers.

This is a wonderful mixture of cultures is expressed in an unusual ensemble of flirty blue dress with a vest and rough knitted T-shirts with prints, neckline with wide skirt covered with elegant organza. The woman is at the center of the creative process, and thus by default given the freedom of expression.

Photos courtesy of Vivienne Westwood

Paris Prêt-a-porter Spring 2011