DALLAS, Dec 25, 2010 / FW/ — I was not planning to write a Christmas message; in fact, I have not written a Christmas for years.

But, attending the Christmas mass last night and listening to the homily by Most Reverent Kevin J. Farrell, Bishop of Dallas made me decide to spread the word and live by it, as he asked the faithful last night.

In his sermon, Bishop Kevin did not talk about Bethlehem and the importance of Christmas in the Catholic religion. He discussed the main tenet of Christian teaching – love.

“If you sum up Jesus’ teachings in one word, it is LOVE,” the Bishop of Dallas told the parishioners. The sermon was short and sweet, its brevity made the message very precious.

 And because it is the Christmas mass, there was also the joyousness that comes with the season.

Hence, when the mass reached the point wherein we have to give everyone the sign of peace, there was also the feeling of camaraderie and love, the hugs and handshakes were a second longer and the greeting became “Peace be with you & Merry Christmas” instead of the traditional “Peace be with you”.

So here I am, trying to spread the LOVE and also the other message of the evening, “Peace on earth and Goodwill to men.”

Merry Christmas everyone!