DALLAS, Dec 13, 2010 / — A perfect stocking stuffer, the $20 holiday scarves from NATIVE(X) features indigenous-inspired designs made from Pendleton Woolen Mills’ iconic 100% pure virgin wool.

The sale of these unisex scarves will provide capital for NATIVE(X)’s next phase which will explore Native American-made goods from around the US and highlight the most exceptional pieces, artists, and stories online at theNATIVEX.com.

In the long run, NATIVE(X)’s goal is to build awareness and a greater appreciation for Native American art and fashion.

The founder of the brand, Mac Bishop finds the incredible craftsmanship, history, and story behind each item and artist both fascinating and educational. Mac started NATIVE(X) as a personal side project, hobby, and entrepreneurial venture.

NATIVE(X)’s started with two scarf styles, the scarf wrap and the traditional scarf. The limited edition scarf wraps sold out in less than a month.

The traditional scarf (Kinzel, Sage, and Thurston) measures about 62 inches in length and 5 inches in width, accented with three inches of self-fringe on each end.

Branded with a leather artisan label, these iconic symbols of America’s past have plenty of modern mileage, and are woven and constructed in the USA. With holiday pricing at $20, free shipping, and free returns, these scarves make a fabulous gift.