NEW YORK, Feb 25, 2011 / — A very special event took place this season at New York’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Dr. Valerie Steele, Director and Chief Curator at The Museum at F. I. T. brought together three of those treasures from the world of Korean fashion.

DOHO: Luxurious womenswear reminiscent of classic vintage with just the right layering. A dark bohemian, romantic vision.

GENERAL IDEA : A rugged military mountain ascetic using cotton and wool with a blend of polyester in wonderful autumn hues of mustard, red, navy and beige. All accessorized with utilitarian backpacks and boots. 

And finally a strong favorite of FASHIONWINDOWS. The exceptional talents of LIE SANG BONG: An elegant fusion of French fashion and Asian sensibility.

Known around the world as the “McQueen of Korea”… Some would say,” MCQUEEN, was the LIE SANG BONG of England.”

Dr. Steeles’ commitment to documenting the origins and future of Korean fashion is evident in her acute focus on the aforementioned¬†Korean talents. As a result of her efforts we are all more educated and fashion forward.

Good job Dr. Steele!

Photos: Thomas Barnes