DALLAS, Apr 16, 2011/ — Known for the presence of sophisticated tie-dye in years past, the Summer 2011 Collection from XCVI offers women a departure from the expected and celebrates the authenticity of the season by bringing together crochet, regal lace and embroidered cotton voile in a natural color story.

The Summer 2011 Collection from XCVI ushers in the age of vintage Americana, while providing a combination of style and comfort. Army and utility inspired pieces have been reconstructed with feminine flair to create these untouched, must-have masterpieces.

Constructed with un-dyed fabrics in the colors that nature intended; many of the pieces in this season’s line up, feature a fresh contrast of white and cream.

No matter the season, XCVI is about luxury, wearability, comfort and style. The luxury of super-soft, breathable fabrics that drape without clinging, flattering the body. The wearability of clothes that mix-and-match or work as a complete ensemble.

XCVI creates clothes that can be worn every day – in a thousand different ways. Clothes that feel comfortable all day long. Styles that can be worn from day to evening, dressed up or down. XCVI is fashion you can live in.