MILAN, Jul 21, 2011/ FW/ — Two famous Italian brands – Roberto Cavalli and Ciclotte – have joined forces to create an authentic expression of contemporary living.

With the construction of the ‘Roberto Cavalli for Ciclotte’ Collection, work, pleasure, exercise and “chilling out” co-exist in the same fluid dimension of interior design, creating spaces where objects interact freely.

Ciclotte is an exercise bike made entirely in Italy, designed by Luca Schieppati and produced by Lamiflex S.p.A. using a unique innovative combination of high quality materials like carbon, steel and fibreglass.

Ciclotte is the evolution of the prototype Ciclò, currently part of the permanent collection at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan, and is instantly recognized and admired for its inimitable silhouette, a harmonious synthesis of equilibrium and dynamism.

The large wheel that is the fulcrum of this project is reminiscent of late nineteenth century mono-wheels. Their vintage dynamics have been reworked thanks to simple refined engineering solutions, such as the epicycloid gear system, an absolute novelty in the fitness sector. The fruit of research inspired by total ergonomics, one of Ciclotte’s distinguishing traits, is its technological approach: absolutely no frills, completely essential setting and fittings, and simplicity and immediacy of use.

The 2-satellite mechanism uses 4 gears with differentiated teeth to generate a magnetic field and maximize resistance levels, recreating pedalling conditions out on the road, but even making it ideal for spinning.

Roberto Cavalli, always passionate about the latest ideas in the field of design, has come up with a special Ciclotte collection, featuring animalier-effect prints and the fashion house’s symbolic colours.

Combining the Cavalli style to Ciclotte creates exercise bikes that are not only fitness tools, but true furnishing accessories and design objects.

The ‘Roberto Cavalli for Ciclotte’ collection is comprised of 6 models:

Black carbon fibre with details in jaguar-print pony

Fuchsia carbon fibre with details in Alcantara®

Black carbon fibre with details in zebra-print pony

Gold steel with details in Alcantara®

Gold steel with details in jaguar-print pony

Silver steel with details in Alcantara®

Ciclotte is decidedly different from any other stationary bike or home fitness equipment because it breaks out of the gym apparatus design mould, until now exclusively linked to functionality. Its inimitable style allows it to be incorporated into a wider range of living contexts: home, gym or outdoors.

The ‘Roberto Cavalli for Ciclotte’ collection and the ‘Roberto Cavalli Gym’ collection are ideal partners and will both be in stores beginning in July 2011.

‘Roberto Cavalli for Ciclotte’ will be available exclusively in Roberto Cavalli boutiques, while the ‘Roberto Cavalli Gym’ clothing range will be sold in selected Roberto Cavalli points of sale around the world.

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