NEW YORK, Dec 16, 2011/ — Nothing excites me more than when I find an amazingly comfortable item of clothing, only to find out it is wearable in TWELVE completely different ways.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like I can only wear the same sweater so many times before I start to get bored with it, or it starts to look worn, and you feel the need to go out and buy another one for “retail therapy.”

Then we all know the sad story about this sweater that gets pushed further and further back into the abyss that is your closet until you don’t even remember you own it. Am I right? I am.

Keeping this fashionista’s predicament in mind, you can imagine how elated I was when I discovered DKNY’s COZY. Is it a sweater? Yes! Does it come in an array of different colors and styles? Yes. Can you wear it more than one way, YES! Twelve, in fact.

It sounds too good to be true, but just take a moment and let it sink in. Not only is it made from the softest cashmere-silk fabric, but it is also Donna Karan, so you know you are getting impeccable quality!

Here’s to making packing light easier…and to MAYBE actually keeping your suitcase under that 50 pound limit (guilty)! And since the COZY works well during fall, winter and spring, this is truly a great investment.

Donna Karan’s thoughtful PR girl (@dkny, if you don’t have a twitter get one…and follow her!) was even kind enough to have recently done the math for you.
$195.00 divided by 12 = $16.25 per way to wear the COZY. That means it is probably the best investment you can make this fall.

To make making use of your COZY even easier, DKNY has thought of everything. Let me explain…

If you buy a DKNY Cozy not only do they give you a COZY style guide for FREE, but they also have made videos with models showing each of the twelve ways to wear it on their website. That is true, accessible customer service if you ask me.

I know you’re thinking, “what a great gift to give my …” you name it. Any fashionable woman would more than appreciate a COZY, from your great-grandmother to your niece. (And need I remind you that the *holidays* ARE upon us?)


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