"Kooey Australia Summer 2013"Miami, July 24, 2012/ FW/ — Entitled ‘Kooey Australia Summer 2013’, the inspiration for the Kooey Australia Spring 2013 collection is the Australia gemstone, the opal.

The designer Nikki Silverthorne’s opal theme is shown in her collection through the rich color palette of blues, pinks, and greens that reflect the beautiful colors of the gemstone, as well as through the shapes and lines in the pieces that resemble the opal.

Silverthorne also drew inspiration from how the light reflects off the opal to create custom-designed prints for the swimwear looks.

The 28 piece collection includes a variety of swimwear styles suitable for all body types, including one piece swimsuits and bikinis that come in separate mix and match styles, perfect for allowing women to personalize their own beach look.

[Darby Radcliff]

Photos by Darby Radcliff


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