NEW YORK, Aug 9, 2012/ — There is a school of thought that walking barefoot enables our bodies to efficiently absorb the earth’s abundant energy in the form of electrons.

But, with city living and current environmental conditions, there are very few places wherein we can walk barefoot… Not anymore!!! With Pluggz ballet flats and Mary Jane shoes and its proprietary grounding technology, you can get the benefits of walking barefoot without actually baring your feet.

With a carbon and rubber plug embedded into the sole of the shoe at the heart of this technology, it enables the wearer to be grounded when they make direct contact with the Earth. For Autumn/Winter 2012, pluggz introduces ballet flats and Mary Jane shoes for women who want to be grounded all year long.

This new collection features supple, full grain leather and perforated suede, with patent and matte leather toecaps. Structurally designed by an experienced technical shoe designer, pluggz flats feature contoured arches for extra support, a padded heel for extra comfort, slip-resistant rubber soles, and a moisture wicking, anti-microbial lining.

The exclusive flattering heel design supports and stabilizes the foot, and the bio-mechanically designed heel cutout has a trampoline effect – providing cushioning during heel strike. Pluggz flats will retail for $129 and are available in whole and half sizes, 6-10 1/2. This new collection will be featured in the country’s leading independent shoe merchants, both online and brick-and-mortar.

Pluggz soft-launched for Summer 2012 with a capsule collection of high quality blown rubber flip-flop sandal for men and women featuring a sleek, comfortable design with arch support. The first full sandal collection will debut for Summer 2013.

Science has shown that we have too many free radicals floating around our bodies that can lead to discomfort, pain, inflammation, listlessness and all sorts of havoc. Electrons help neutralize free radicals.

The proprietary grounding technology in every pair of pluggz is a custom carbon and rubber plug in the sole that acts as a conduit for electrons to flow into our bodies from the earth’s surface and help neutralize free radicals.

“As technology and style have evolved throughout the centuries the mostly synthetic materials that are used in today’s footwear create barriers and insulate us from the flow of this natural energy between the earth and our bodies” explains Sharon Whiteley, “but not pluggz.”


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