Ellery Resort 2015 (24)NEW YORK, Jun 17, 2014/ — Inspired by the suburban swimming pool in one hand and by the swimming pool series by artist David Hockney, the Ellery Resort 2015 collection has an aquatic theme that begins with solid colors then extends itself to a collage of eclectic prints.

An abstract painted ripple print anchors the collection in soft peach-pink whilst the simpler yet bold print in black and vanilla echo Hockney’s infamous brushstrokes.

Shapes are distinct as some pieces come in for a closer fit whilst others are unabashedly voluminous, swimming loosely around the body.

Fabrics range from sheer and delicate to luxurious while the colour palette is playful yet restrained. The monochromatic base is highlighted with rich aubergine, muted blues, soft peach and splashes of vibrant yellow.

Signature Ellery silhouettes have been re-worked into sophisticated resort wear creating a uniquely light, structured and opulent collection. This season the dress code sees modern classic pieces that will go on to transcend the season.



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