Martin Grant Resort 2016 (1)Martin Grant’s Resort 2016 collection tells a bold but delicate story of linear prints, stripes and volumes.

They emerge as bold horizontal stripes on heavy cotton faille, fine and discreet on lighter-than-air organdie or diagonal on electric blue organza with graceful metallic fringing. The silhouettes have a graphic structure, emphasized with geometrics and a subtle play of deep pleats.

Martin plays with impressions: dresses spread their volume delicately. Leather and ponyskin are clean and light. The A-Line coats are structured, while crispy taffeta trenches are belted. Linen denim takes on a contemporary sophistication and high-waisted, wide-legged pants accentuate a tall and slender look.

This collection takes on the essence of Martin Grant’s codes: it is pure classic modernity, developed from every angle.

Photos courtesy of Martin Grant

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