PARIS MEN’S WEEK/ — « HUMAN PROCESS» : everything is a question the test of time, being part of a group, ones freedom, opposition, identity as an evolutionary gallery, still window, witness of a certain vision of ones life, the relationship between sense and madness, a symbol of a collective memory.

Inspired by Shakespeare’s universe, the collection swings from one texture to another, it winds in a constant chromatic range, a silent journey in a black land punctuated by touches of white where body and movement hold a main place.

A mysterious immersion into the human being, reflecting both animal side like an inner imitation giving birth to a feathered creature or carapace chimaera rather then his genteel side. Both brutality and chemistry between the two aspects of the human established in his need of protection.

« HUMAN PROCESS» is diving into the abyss of pure emotion and testifies of the beauty and timelessness of human race.

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