NEW YORK FASHION WEEK / — Inspired by their sourcing trip in the Puno region last year, Nicholas K partnered with the trade commission of Peru in New York to return and capture the rich surroundings of the sacred valley, the highlands and Lake Titicaca. Tranquil stays at Eco Hotels, El Albergue and Colca Lodge, and a visit to Pacomarca, a sustainable alpaca farm, delivered a soulful and fervent journey.

Since moving to a new visceral format for fashion week, the brand creates their visuals with destinations aligned with their focus on sustainability.

“Creativity should be an elevating force. Peru is rich with artisanal traditions, beauti­ful cottons and the world’s leading luxury fiber, alpaca del Peru. This trip is a journal of the land, people and our pursuit of conscious design. It’s fulfilling to share this journey with partners that strive for development that pachamama would bless- prosperity of people, culture, and environment. Nods to the film holy mountain by Alejandro Jodorowsky intertwine a modern edge and rebellious turn from destructive commercialism. “

The rising stone facades and sprawling grass fields of the peruvian highlands deliver a pal­ette of clay, sage, totora, coca leaf, sienna, stone. The traditional qorillazos, morochucos and chalans of peru fused with the surreal visuals of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s the holy mountain inspired layered silhouettes of mantas and ponchos, flared and skirted pants, short and long tops and oversized dresses meant to be layered with pants that could fasten to a slimmer sil­houette; all complimented with the traditional elongated Andean bowler style hats.

“Our quest to craft products that nurture our customers, our partners and the environment led us to undyed natural colored alpaca fiber. We were able to visit Pacomarca, whose mission is to increase genetic diversity and save the naturally colored animals, and secure access and continued development of this scarce resource. Due to commercial pressures for dyeable yarn the colored stocks dwindled as local herders focused on breeding white alpacas.”

Nicholas K will be working on an exclusive project to produce the now rare natural black al­paca fiber to highlight its superior qualities and ultimately to ensure balanced demand.

Photos courtesy of Nicholas K

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