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Paris Couture Week: Patrick Pham Spring Summer 2019

Patrick Pham Spring/Summer 2019: Number 8

The number 8 – symbol of fortune in Asia, lucky charm, infinite erected towards the sky, Patrick Pham is fascinated by the number 8 because of its plenitude and its perfection.

This collection augurs well. Patrick mixed his Asian traditions, the French-Vietnamese designer changed radically his vision about the couture, including an insolent modernity, with a touch of humor, literarily hijacking the sport materials, but still keeping his lines and shapes who belong only to him.

Patrick Pham’s « sportswear couture » is a real surprise, mixing gaily colors, linking pop and street culture, combining denim, leather, calfskin, sequined lambskin, engraved with anaconda prints, handmade sequined embroideries.

Ultimate fetish: his shoes collection is personalized as unique pieces. Eight more reasons to love him…

Photos by Imaxtree, courtesy of Patrick Pham

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