Custo Barcelona Fall 2019
Custo Dalmau on the runway with model during the Custo Barcelona Fall 2019 runway show in New York

On February 9, 2019, with the mantra “Celebrating authenticity at NYFW,” Custo Barcelona sent his Insta Glam collection that pays tribute to details with no simplicity. A spirit of innovation prevails in this unapologetic approach to individuality, where individuality and authenticity are above uniformity.

Oversized volumes dominate the silhouettes that peels off the body be they are dresses, jackets or coats. Fabrics are jeweled and/or decorate with handmade metallic appliqués in animal or geometric shapes preserve the femininity and sexiness that are so characteristic of Custo.

Standouts are the technical coats and jackets and the eco-friendly fur coats with multicolored fur jacquard showing Custo’s graphic artistry, and wool-fringed coats decorated with jewel-like appliqués.

This season, Custo Barcelona also presented a sneak peek at its new children’s collection with some pieces for the little ones with the firm’s DNA. Developed together with the Italian Grupo Cacillo, this collection will be available in stores both in Europe (Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Greece) and in the United States next winter. In Europe, the Spring/Summer 2019 collection can already be found in multi-brand stores.

Photos courtesy of Custo Barcelona

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