For the Spring 2020 collection, Design Director Karin Gardkvist and design team Nadia Manjarrez and Milad Khoreibani turned to the mid 1800’s and the Pre-Raphaelite era. ThePre-Raphaelites were a
group of English painters, poets and art critics who advocated a return to the simplicity of subject and style found nan earlier age. Their intent was to reform art.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, the founder of this movement, was married to Elizabeth Siddal, a poet, artist and model. She was a trail blazer of that era and pursued an art career independent of her husband and the artists she modeled for. Siddal’s poetry was also believed to be one of the very first expressions of feminism and inspired the feminist movement. Flor et.als’ design team is constantly inspired by strong, independent women like Siddal and seeks to empower women through their collections.

Additionally,the Pre-Raphaelite movement came during the time of the industrial revolution, a time in which synthetic pigments were created. These pigments made vibrant colors more available to artists. The first synthetic pigment was ‘mauve,’ a vibrant shade of purple-fuchsia. This color can be found throughout the Spring collection in both strong solids as well as ombre prints that use the colors of the period from light mauve to dark purple.
Another innovation of this time was the creation of paint tubes. This invention allowed artists to bring their paintings outside. Artists of this era became some of the first to complete sections of their canvases outdoors in an effort to capture the minute details of nature. Constantly inspired by nature and all the beauty that surrounds us, this kind of change in art is very significant for the Flor team.

This season the brand collaborated with artists in France and Italy and vintage archives in the UK to create floral prints that incorporate the vibrant colors that are representative of the era. The water print represents the design team’s commitment to create sustainable clothes. The team also used certified silk fabrics that are ethically and environmentally responsible as well as naturally dyed recycled fibers.

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