Stadium seating opposite a wall of draped fabric set the stage for Off-White’s pared down presentation. As models walked by, a camera rigged to the ground took visual notes of the new looks—inspired by the power a woman has, strong enough to withstand a meteor shower.

That meteor shower, although withstood by women of all ages in the show, was seen puncturing garments and accessories from beginning to end. In the show, nearly all tops, jackets, trousers, boots, and bags had holes in them. With the new garments and accessories, design Virgil Abloh wants to ensure all women understand they’re not defined by fashion.

Vintage or luxury, new or old—it’s all up to her to decide how it’s perceived. Spring/Summer 2020 brought the Meteor Shower Jitney—the brand’s latest bag design, perforated with holes in a graphic rendering of craters formed by a falling rock. The new line also welcomes a collaboration with Paris-based brothers Roman andErwan Bouroullec. For SS20, the industrial designers have applied a linear print of theirs to shirts, coats, and handbags.

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