On a sleek white runway, Fendi presented its latest collection—devoted to some of the brand’s classics, and reimagined traditional garments. From the beginning, we saw a tribute to Fendi’s iconic yellow hue.

Bright oversized bags were trimmed in black leather and swung over the shoulder; charms inspired by vintage Fendi packaging hung from bags and belts; and a travel Peekaboo bag, inspired by 1800s trunks, was seen complementing other Peekaboo and Baguette styles in an array of styles in handknit wool.

Reversible outerwear was also of note (and Fendi referenced this as a “body wallet” in their notes), with multi-pocket features for card holders, earphones, and even a cigar. The duality continued with inside-out constructions and quality, seen on blazers and coats, and sleeves and jackets with zip-off hems.

Other retro pieces jetted their way into the modern future, like boots with an “FF” lug-sole bottom, bucket hats and docker beanies with industrial sophistication, and a chain link animalia graphic motfi evoking 1970s allure. Special for the collection, as well, are a selection of photochromic outwear and accessories pieces. Created in collaboration with Japanese designer Anrealage, the UV color-changing fabric technology (first seen in 2013) transforms the outwear, mittens, bags, and accessories to show two new combinations—a white tiger quilting reveals a Fendi yellow, and a white diamond quilting reveals a Fendi Code in black.

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