Australian design brand The Arlo Studio were first up. Created by designer duo Charlotte Terry and Julianne Propsting, this brand embraces the philosophy that women have powerful and integral roles to play in society and their clothes should reflect this. This philosophy was deeply embedded in this collection. Most notably through  the functionality and the high quality fabric of the clothing, allowing the collection to be both beautiful and long lasting. Each design flowed both softly yet strongly down the runway.Tailored to perfection these pieces were the perfect mix of practicality and femininity.

Next up, a dramatic entrance and dynamic show from GFC’s youngest designer Shun Oyama Tokyo.  At only 22 years old, this young Japanese talent is set to take the fashion industry by storm. Using an eclectic mix of brocade and upholstery fabric, each piece was like lighting striking the runway.  Drawing from an array of earth tones and silhouettes, each piece spoke volumes with its own unique personality, yet it was united by the common theme of fabric. Inspired by classic Japanese and European fashion mixed into a modern perspective, dramatic shoulder pads and defined edges made for an emotional and powerful collection.

Gigi Wang took us on a passage through time from traditional China  to contemporary times. The inspiration for this collection comes from Chinese tradition. Parent-child costumes are used to express the passing on and inheritance of Chinese folk culture to the next generation.This united relationship of old and new is seen through the combination of  traditional Chinese fabrics and new modern environmentally-friendly fabrics. Vibrant colours like bright orange and green.and traditional embroidery breathed life into this beautiful collection.

Closing the show, Chicago based designer, Alicia Perillo drew inspiration from a  William Gibson novel ‘Idoru’. Written in 1995, he predicted that the avatar will take over the world. Perillo described her collection in one word as ‘inclusive futurism’. A beautiful mix of silks, brocade and orange cottons made for a stunning show.






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