I was imagining elegant ninjas-knights with a medieval armory. The sexy witch in the woods. The Evil Dr. Cat. The mob gangster. A bit of everything. I wasn’t really worried if they did match together. It was about trying. I like to be in that kind of mood especially in 2020.” –  – Boramy Viguier


Proudly supported by Gucci and selected by Creative Director Alessandro Michele to be part of the GucciFest, Boramy Viguier presented on Saturday November 21st a short fashion film titled Lord Sky Dungeon.

The film depicts Boramy’s mystical and sacred universe, with multiple Heroic Fantasy cinema references; knights fight the occult forces of Queen Lilith, played by actress/model Paz De La Huerta. All of which happening in a James Bond opening scene atmosphere.

Lord Sky Dungeon teases Boramy Viguier’s AW21 Pre-Collection, including a brand new all-over print, designed and illustrated in his Paris atelier, on which cohabits multiple mystical and sacred references.

Exploring further the monastic and medieval silhouettes, this collection offers silk-screened holy shirts, ritual capes, hooded ninja jumpsuits and priest hoods in gorgeous taffetas.

Fashion often guarantees freedom. We like fashion because it is freeing the body of women, men, minorities, gays, trans.

I have the idea that we are not that free. We have the illusion of being free. We are dominated by forces that outrun us. Forces that are bigger than us. We are acting only because those political, economical, climatics and mystic forces allow us to do so.” – Boramy Viguier


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