Alexandre Herchovitch Fall 2007
Alexandre Herchovitch Fall 2007

NEW YORK, Feb 3, 2007/ FW/ — Alexandre Herchovitch has the reputation of going beyond the limits of finding fresh ideas to outdo himself every season and for Fall 2007, he looked into his native Brazil for inspiration and brought the country’s agricultural workers into the limelight.

With 31% of Brazil’s labor force dedicated to agriculture, Herchovitch found a mine of ideas from the ingenious ways that plantation workers and miners wear to protect themselves against the harsh climate and environment that they work in.

So, though the 5th Avenue crowd might disapprove, out came tunics made of garbage bags (Hefty has never looked so fashionable!), skirts made from supermarket sacks (Safeway must do a brisk business) and shifts made from scraps of fabric.

And to everyone’s pleasant surprise, it is actually a coherent collection and truly beautiful in a strange and endearing way.

To an inexperienced designer, this highly conceptualized collection might have turned flat, but not in the expert hands of Alexandre Herchovitch who had been honing his skills for over a decade and for several seasons was actually showing in Paris.

So, it actually did not shock nor astonish anyone that there were actually a lot of wearable and commercially viable pieces in the collection like the white 8-button double-breasted coat that opened the collection, the diamond patchwork sack dresses and the Courreges-inspired cape coat.

And for the avid Alexandre Herchovitch fans, if you are wondering if his famous skull logo made it into the collection, the answer is YES. It was presented as an accessory!

Photos by Giovanni Pucci

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