Dates: Friday, Friday, February 2, 2007 to Friday, February 9, 2007

Bryant Park Tent Spring 2007
Bryant Park Tent Spring 2007

Countdown At Bryant Park

DALLAS, Nov 17, 2006 / FW/ — Last September, right after the Spring 2007 fashion season, rumors was rampant that New York Fashion Week was going to change its venue for the upcoming Fall 2007 season.

Then, in early October, New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg made the following statement:

“While it is clear that due to its success, Fashion Week has outgrown the facilities available at Bryant Park, Fall Fashion Week, which takes place in February, is just around the corner, and we have determined that the search for a suitable home will require further analysis and planning. The City will continue to work with IMG and the fashion industry to locate a permanent home for Fashion Week.”

The fashion set gave a collective sigh, because for more than a decade now, Bryant Park has always been the home of New York Fashion Week. Moving it to a different space will change the whole atmosphere of the New York season.

From the same statement by Mayor Bloomberg, he recognized that “the fashion industry is a vital part of New York City’s economy providing more than 150,000 jobs for more than 15,400 businesses.”

He also recognized that ‘it is paramount that the City ensure the long-term success of both the industry and Fashion Week, which takes place in Bryant Park twice a year.”

Contrary to popular belief, Fashion Week is not just about clothes. It is about the “buzz and excitement it generates” and of course, the two shows yearly have an economic impact of $177 million annually.

This figure, according to the statement does not include the millions of dollars spent on wholesale apparel merchandise in the weeks that follow.

That said, let us just keep our fingers crossed that New York Fashion Week stays at Bryant Park


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