PARIS, Mar 7, 2008 (Updated July 9, 2009) /FW/ — A slender figure with a thin beard, Franck Sorbier’s allure has something to do with a “sorbier” (French word for the plant called service tree in English). This shrub, was symbolizing, in Arabic poetry, the fragile grace of adolescence.

Franck Sorbier
Franck Sorbier

The fashion he designs also resembles the couturier: based on rigour, it springs from the designer’s imagination, influenced by the richest dream-like influences.

Franck Sorbier gives his own interpretations of couture, like the reflections of a mosaic-like soul, always faithful to Beauty.

Since July 1999, the house of Franck Sorbier has shown, first as an invited member, then (from 2005) as a full member in the most prestigious circle of Haute Couture. In this small circle, the couturier’s expression stands for nature, genuine craftsmanship and the simple values of a delicate poetry.

What is fashion for?
It gives you joy!

If you were not a fashion designer, what would you be?
An apprentice wizard.

What are you proud of?
Proud of the persons who are close to me and who love me.

What are you ashamed of?
Of lowering my arms sometimes, even for only a few hours.

If you could keep just one garment or accessory, which one would you pick?
My glasses, I cannot do without them.

What do you no longer believe in?
In Santa Claus.

What do you still believe in?
In my good star.

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