Franck Sorbier Haute Couture Fall 2009PARIS, Jul 9, 2009 / FW/ — It felt like stepping into a peculiar place that Alice might encounter in her adventure through Wonderland one walked up the staircase at Studio Harcourt.

Franck Sorbier had created a sublime setting showcasing pieces of art such as sculpture, line drawings, and couture designs throughout.

The designer himself took part in the fantasy, wearing a painted lab coat as if he were the mad scientist who concocted it all, strolling through to observe his work.

It was a scene from Old Africa, when the Europeans were in conquering the land. The clothing was very gothic-glamour, embellished, embroidered, and pieced together creating rich suits and gowns worthy of Renaissance royalty.

And though this might sound like a cliché, it is almost as if it was a scene from Anne Rice’s classic vampire series, Interview with a Vampire, et al. If the Vampire Lestat walked in the room, it would not be surprising.

Yet, there was also a touch of modernity, even sci-fi; sculpted heads covered in hanging yarn and Picasso-looking line drawings were quirky and fun. There is also a pair of eyes, from a robot. Yet, on the other hand, it can be the eyes from the Geico commercial in the U.S.

It was delightful getting being immersed in Sorbier’s collection, getting lost in his vagary.


Paris Haute Couture Fall 2009