Ksubi website
Ksubi website

NEW YORK, Mar 3, 2008 / FW/ — Australian brand Ksubi, which is known for its fusion of fashion, music and art re-launched its website as an e-commerce channel with a Google-like interface for easy access and optimal usability.

Beginning February 22, visitors to Ksubi.com, can use keyword searches, Google style, to inquire about everything from brand history and current projects, to past collections and stockist information.

Most notable will be the addition of e-commerce to the site allowing visitors to purchase fashion, denim, eyewear, books, and limited-edition items available exclusively on Ksubi.com.

By introducing an e-commerce website, Ksubi is able to maintain and control the exclusive distribution and image of their product while increasing brand awareness.

Launched in 2000, individuality and authenticity have developed Ksubi into an underground subculture and lifestyle with an international presence and cult following. Dan Single and George Gorrow, co-founders and directors of the brand, created Ksubi as a culture of fashion, music and art.

They have utilized their conceptual feats, topical fashion style and signature denim to lead the brand to exponential popularity. Ksubi is available at their own stand-alone stores in Australia and New York City, and now www.Ksubi.com.